CLPA Study Course

CLPA Study Program

The Pacific Institute of Christian Ministry (PICM) provides education to the laity that will enable and prepare them to serve in the ministry. The institute was established to meet the needs of our growing Seventh-day Adventist churches.


  • 1. To help local church members discover and use their spiritual gifts effectively.
  • 2. To provide professional lay pastoral training for all church members.
  • 3. To prepare gifted members to disciple others in the local church.
  • 4. To encourage lay leaders to work together with pastors in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • 5. To adopt the concept that every pastor is an equipper and every member a minister.

Training Delivery Options

  • Onsite - Held across the Pacific Union Conference and North American Division.
  • Online - Classes and webinars via the Internet.
  • Distance Education - Study through correspondence.
  • Extension Schools - Classes in other divisions, unions, and conferences.

Certified Lay Pastoral Assistant (CLPA)

CLPA 26 Courses of Study
LPS 099  Introduction to PICM
LPS 100  SDA Fundamental Beliefs
LPS 101  Denominational History
LPS 102  SDA Church Organization
LPS 103  Principles of Personal Evangelism
LPS 104  Spiritual Gifts
LPS 105  Methods in Giving Bible Studies
LPS 106  Introduction to Natural Church Development
LPS 107  Evangelistic Planning in the Local Church
LPS 108  Ministry of Visitation
LPS 109  Basic Sermon Preparation
LPS 110  Effective Small Group Ministry
LPS 111  Ministry of the Local Church Elder
LPS 112  Reaching the Unchurched in the Community
LPS 113  Leadership Styles and Theories
LPS 114  Teaching Ministry in the Local Church
LPS 115  Stewardship Ministry
LPS 116  Techniques in Board Management
LPS 117  Transforming New Disciples
LPS 118  Worship Planning
LPS 119  Public Evangelism and Field School
LPS 120  Family Life Studies
LPS 121  The School of Prayer
LPS 122  Peace-Making Ministry
LPS 123  Applied Lay Pastoral Ministry and Practice
LPS 124  Ministry Field Project
LPS 125  Lay Pastoral Internship 

CLPA Graduation Requirements

  • 1. Finish the 26 CLPA courses
  • 2. Fulfill a ministry field project
  • 3. Lay pastoral internship in the local church
  • 4. Attend a graduation symposium for the CLPA candidates

For additional information, contact David Brown, Field Representative and Student Services Coordinator, at