PICM - CPMA Course

CPMA Course


The Certified Pastoral Ministry Associate (CPMA) - Advanced Program provides a higher level of pastoral training to CLPA graduates who want to take their training/education to the next level. For additional information, contact David Brown, Field Representative and Student Services Coordinator, at picministry@aol.com.

20 Courses of Study

PMA 001  Introduction to PICM
PMA 002  Philosophy of Church Ministry
PMA 003  Prophetic Guidance
PMA 004  Introduction to Church Growth
PMA 005  Biblical Foundations
PMA 006  Inductive Bible Study
PMA 007  Pastoral Care and Counseling
PMA 008  Biblical Preaching
PMA 009  Church Management and Finance
PMA 110  Reigniting Church Growth
PMA 111  The Evangelism System
PMA 112  The Leadership System
PMA 113  The Ministry System
PMA 114  The Assimilation System
PMA 115  The Small Group System
PMA 116  The Worship Planning System 
PMA 117  The Stewardship System 
PMA 118  The Strategic System
PMA 119  Pastoral Ministry and Practice
PMA 120  Ministry Project